Savina Kioseoglou was born in 1957, in Athens. She first studied Economics at the Economics department of the School of Law of Athens and then Graphic Arts at the Vakalo Art & Design School. She later took lessons in micro sculpture and jewellery design, while in 1999 she was taught the secrets of clay by the sculptor Efi Funk.


Savina K. loves to create, to focus on her work and to experiment. She is especially fascinated with the migration of oxides and the interaction of color. Therefore she spent years experimenting with oxides using clays fired at high temperatures. She uses a vast palette of colorful glazes; colors pale and earthy, reminiscent of sand, sea and Mother Nature.


Her work never has perfect lines or perfect circles. Itʼs asymmetric, natural, without any attempt to become perfect. One would say that Savinaʼs sculptures seem plucked from the seabed. They look like rocks eroded over time by the waves. They seem both hard and soft, delicate and strong. One observes a correct combination of colors and designs that give a sense of passage of time. Time brings the wear and tear, which in turn brings a unique beauty portrayed in her work.