I had visited the exhibition of Ms. Savina Kioseoglou and was highly impressed from a very interesting and diverse ceramic work. "I was trapped" in Savina's clay plates surfaces, compressed in splits, lines and shapes "printed" in the clay. The dense prints create surfaces resembling enlargement of scales squares made armor, like two dimensional protection surfaces. Savina's ceramic "surfaces" are impressive as thin and delicate embossments, on which and very meticulously, are painted samples of prints inside the ceramic.

The "Surfaces" of prints in ceramic squares are made with a lot of precision and motorist control they are delicate and non intrusive which avoids over cutting and wounding. Savina K. with great deal of effort marks/ sketches very carefully but determinedly and very thinly in the clay and the clay reacts with a rigid and precise result; soft and hard combined. This is a very unique composition which I haven't seen in any ceramic exhibition thus far. Savina's ceramic grows out of the embossment-print in a pace and delicately of paced "ticking" of a machine that sews in the clay. In that, Savina raises thoughts on the sewing action and on womanhood against the rough and inflexible occupation.

Savina in her work is "creating sewing" precise and systematic knots in the clay surface and creates connections to colorful soil-basics- environment full of green, gray, environmental brown, clearness, modesty and precise beauty. The beauty is the harmonic and enchanting part of the work which remains with the visitor long time after leaving the exhibition. Savina succeeds in transferring an artistic saying on work in material and possibilities of transferring deep sensations of connections among nature-soil-human being. Her saying is personal and unique and reflects on internal richness, sensitivity and outstanding technical capability.

Prof. David Wakstein
Oranim Academic College of Education
Bezalel Academy of Art and Design